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Greg and Melanie have been working in this profession for eleven years, maintaining the highest ranks, speaking and inspiring people globally onstages with some of the most powerful speakers in the world. Having been on stage with Eric Worre at the coveted Go Pro event, Featured in John Maxwells Network Marketing training program, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Dani Johnson and more. They are in the business of helping others achieve their dreams, but it hasn’t always been this way…

Prior to working in this profession, Greg was a full-time, hard-working employee who wore a hard hat and coveralls to work every day. Thinking was frowned upon where he worked and the hours were long. He was away from home for stretches of two to three weeks at a time in order to earn a six-figure income.

Melanie’s background is different in that she was a business owner, pastor and foster parent. Having done everything she knew to get ahead, she was still earning less than 50K a year with no money for vacations, retirement, or sports activities for her kids.

With debt she couldn’t pay off but an intense desire to change her life permanently, she got started building a business from home. Like Greg, she gained success quickly. She became a student of the business and a top income earner in her first year.

Greg and Melanie met at a meeting, were married six months later and haven’t looked back since! Today, they have one of the fastest growing teams in the industry, developing leadership at record pace. They’ve become 7 figure income earners and won dozens of awards being recognized as some of the top in the world. They have also been featured in several success magazines, including Success From Home and Your Business at Home.

More than anything, Greg and Melanie are committed to growing people into stronger leaders, and helping families become stronger. They’ve helped thousands of families earn a part-time or full-time income from home and straighten out their debt. They’d love the chance to work with you and help you succeed beyond what you even believe may be possible for yourself right now. They will believe in you until you believe in yourself!

With a proven track record of helping others build six and seven-figure incomes from home, you’ll be blessed by learning from these two!


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