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Creating a WINNING INTRO that SELLS!

Your Intro Matters!

Now that you are in business for yourself in this amazing game of Network Marketing there are a few skills that will pay you MILLIONS of DOLLARS if you master them!  There are also things that you can do to shut people down and actually cause your business to NOT FLOURISH in a fast paced world where people are getting quicker to dismiss messages that DO NOT MATTER TO THEM!

We can as business people learn a skill that will drastically increase your success and that is MASTERING THE INTRO!  There are a couple of key things that you can do to build a powerful intro that makes people WANT TO LISTEN to your message!

Here are a few keys

  1. Build Bridges – Identify common ground between your story and what the listener will say “me too” to.  
  2. There are a few commonalities that all humans can identify with and they areLack of Health, Time, Freedom, Money, Community or Significance & Fulfillment
  3. Use 2 Anchor Words to keep you on track  Prior to… & Since….
  4. Remember everyone is busy so cut out the So What and have them like and trust you immediately!

In this training you will also learn WHAT NO TO DO to drive people away!

For a quick training on how to create a


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