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Early bird is expiring for John C. Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Growth for Network Marketing.

John has brought together some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you one of the most important MLM trainings you could ever get your team on!

Yep… Its that big of a deal!



John C. Maxwell is the world’s most foremost leadership expert having trained over 6 million leaders, including Fortune 500 companies, presidents of nations, many of the world’s top business leaders so don’t let your team miss out on this.


Tickets are super affordable right now so if you’re going to get your team onto this, make sure you do it now!


How would you like to add a FEW THOUSAND people to your organization over the next 90 days?Greg and Melanie Greenough

We often hear people who have been successful at other things say when they come to network marketing they get frustrated because it is such a “different game”.  And we agree! There are however proven strategies that work and a way to build a long term stable business over time!  One of the key principles of this industry is SUCCESS LOVES SPEED!

You will hear it said that it is easier to make $10,000.00 than it is to make $1000 a month and that is true! That is why we have put together a program that will teach you and your team the SKILLS as well as the Action Plan to grow a 6 Figure business THIS YEAR!

We have been using strategies to keep our organization at the TOP for over 8 years and now we are going to share ALL OF THESE SECRETS WITH YOU!

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In The Quantum Leap 90 Day Program – A High Velocity Formula for increasing your Profit and Exploding your business  you will learn

The Art of the Attraction Invitation

The Art of Building a Winning Team

The Art of Closing the Deal

The Art of Handling Objections

The Art of Presenting

The Compound Effect

The Art of Communication

The Art of Motivation

The Art of Duplication

Screenshot 2016-02-03 12.18.50The Art of Leadership Development

The Business Of You

The BENEFITS of this program are guided skill teaching, support to accomplish goals, live coaching with Top Leaders and the ABILITY TO PUT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION THIS YEAR!


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Your Intro Matters!

Now that you are in business for yourself in this amazing game of Network Marketing there are a few skills that will pay you MILLIONS of DOLLARS if you master them!  There are also things that you can do to shut people down and actually cause your business to NOT FLOURISH in a fast paced world where people are getting quicker to dismiss messages that DO NOT MATTER TO THEM!

We can as business people learn a skill that will drastically increase your success and that is MASTERING THE INTRO!  There are a couple of key things that you can do to build a powerful intro that makes people WANT TO LISTEN to your message!

Here are a few keys

  1. Build Bridges – Identify common ground between your story and what the listener will say “me too” to.  
  2. There are a few commonalities that all humans can identify with and they areLack of Health, Time, Freedom, Money, Community or Significance & Fulfillment
  3. Use 2 Anchor Words to keep you on track  Prior to… & Since….
  4. Remember everyone is busy so cut out the So What and have them like and trust you immediately!

In this training you will also learn WHAT NO TO DO to drive people away!

For a quick training on how to create a


   Screenshot 2016-01-27 11.19.32

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Educate, Empower, Advance

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Greg & Melanie Greenough

Create your Vision The New Year is here! Where will you be this time next year?  

With a plan & a little faith anything is Possible!

This year our focus is a year long Personal & Leadership Development plan that will take the participants through a series of trainings to improve skill, build belief and ultimately build an organization for Legacy Wealth for them and their families! The key to being successful will be to CAST OUR VISION!

“Our Vision is to create an organization known for Growing People and Profits! We will have the largest fastest growing organization in the world creating the most millionaires, developing legacy wealth and total freedom for our partners! We want you to be one of those partners and really grab a hold of the POSSIBILITIES that are here for you and the opportunity to radically transform your life in 2016!”


We started off the New Year by training on Wednesday Jan 6 on Vision Boards, Setting goals and creating a road map for the future! If you didn’t have a chance to watch that training HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! Click Here unnamed

The key is to not just watch but DO! If you have not taken the time to create a Vision Board for your life you are taking a risk of living by Default rather than designing your life just as you want it! Make no mistake either way your future is going to happen!

Here are a few Key Points from the Vision Board Training

  1. Clearly Define Goals in each area of your life that you would like to create
  2. Find pictures that represent those goals
  3. Put a timeline for achieving those goals below each picture
  4. Spend time each day VISUALIZING yourself already in possession of those goals!

VISION & FOCUSoprah vision

This week we focused on VISION & FOCUS! We learned how to create a movement in momentum! The true ability of a leader is someone who learns to cast their vision and have others join them in creating a movement!

Watch this Powerful simple lesson by Clicking Here 

Here are a few key points from the training

  1. To create a Team we must cast Vision
  2. Our Vision will inspire others into action
  3. We will find people who share our Vision
  4. Our ability to Stay the course and see it through is the KEY!

Remember it is not the knowledge of these topics that will create an EXTRA ORDINARY LIFE but rather APPLYING THIS KNOWLEDGE to your life and taking the steps in the videos that will have you GROWING FORWARD!

We can change the world one life at a time!  What will you do in 2016? Go to Our Team Facebook Page Like the Page and then post a pic of your dream board or share a goal or your Vision! We would love to hear from you!

Build your Vision Today!  Cast the Vision to create a Movement!


Greg & Melanie Greenough

Your Legacy Partners